Homes Still Underwater

A whopping 11.1 million homeowners were underwater on their mortgages in the fourth quarter...

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One in Four Survive HAMP

Just over 25 percent of those who applied for mortgage payment relief under the Making Home Affordable Program have succeeded thus far...

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9,000 Permanent Loan Mods Cancelled

Almost 30,000 permanent loan modifications were approved this month but almost 9,000 previously completed were cancelled...

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Mortgage Program - FIASCO

Even as Arizona's share of federal money for a program designed to help homeowners avoid foreclosure has more than doubled, the program has been a failure...

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Housing's First Forecast

It’s that time of the year again, when predictions for the upcoming year begin flooding in.

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Trillion in Lost Value

Since the market peaked in June 2006, homeowners have been stripped of $9 trillion in equity...

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SCAM: Loan Audits

Homeowners paying up-front auditing fees for a review of their lender’s practices, are being provided nothing in the way of foreclosure prevention - Ironically enough, some of these loan auditors may have been the same loan originators that broke the rules in the first place

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When Billionaires Walk

Morgan Stanley can only be termed as gigantic because at the end of the second quarter, they had assets in the area of $213.2 billion. However they defied logic by turning over their five buildings in San Francisco to their lenders, rather than pay off the debt on them...does this sound fishy?

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Affordability at All Time High

The housing affordability index measured by the National Association of Home Builders and mortgage lender Wells Fargo hit its highest point ever in the fourth quarter.

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Shadow Inventory to Stay

The volume of distressed residential properties in the United States is the primary factor hindering a full recovery in the country’s housing market...

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Video: Avoid Foreclosure

Fannie Mae has unveiled an interactive multi-media tool designed to educate distressed homeowners about their options to avoid foreclosure...

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Foreclosure Starts Are Accelerating

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are beginning to initiate foreclosures at a faster pace. Rates among the agencies’ prime loans have soared nearly 400 percent since January 2008...

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Trial Loan Mods Cancelled

More than 40 percent of the trial loan modifications started under HAMP were cancelled as of the end of last month...

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HAMP Results are Disappointing

Nearly half of the homeowners who enrolled in the Obama administration's flagship mortgage-relief program have fallen out.

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Homeowner Saves $900K

Being able to internally and successfully negotiate with lien holders sets us apart from our competition.

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Done Deal Solutions Purchases $60 Million worth of Real Estate in 2009

An Arizona based real estate investment firm, Done Deal Solutions, has helped thousands of homeowners over the past six years, but has really gained momentum as wholesale properties and short sales have gained popularity over the course of the last few years.

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Done Deal Solutions specializes in helping homeowners avoid foreclosure. Since 2003, we have helped hundreds of homeowners avoid foreclosure and save their credit. Are you going to be next? Do not wait, contact us today to discuss a short sale or loan modification.

Below is a small sample of our Short Sale successes.
Sold Date Address Mortgage Debt Owed Short Sale
Sales Price
Jan 25, 2013 N 66TH ST, SCOTTSDALE $400,000 +/- $500,000
Jul 20, 2012 E REDFIELD RD, Scottsdale $468,060 +/- $364,000
Jun 22, 2012 E Osborn Rd, Phoenix $795,000 +/- $535,000
May 04, 2012 N 40th Pl , Phoenix $273,000 +/- $183,000
Apr 30, 2012 E Marigold, Tempe $213,750 +/- $150,000
Apr 04, 2012 N 37TH PL, PHOENIX $297,314 +/- $245,000
Feb 08, 2012 E DELGADO ST, PHOENIX $290,000 +/- $149,900
Jan 27, 2012 E EMILE ZOLA AVE, SCOTTSDALE $321,000 +/- $214,900
Jan 23, 2012 E MICHELLE DR, PHOENIX $248,150 +/- $125,000
Dec 12, 2011 N 50TH WAY, SCOTTSDALE $340,000 +/- $250,000

We are successfully closing short sales in the following areas:

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